Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo on sale 20 | 01 | 2022

    PORSCHE HAS EXTENDED its all-electric Taycan line-up by adding the new Sport Turismo. The new, sleek model combines the estate-style body of the Cross Turismo with the lower ride height of the saloon. (Related: Porsche Macan EV on test)

    Aesthetically, the Sport Turismo removes the 4x4-inspired off-road cladding of the higher-riding model, but still retains its 1200- litre boot and 45mm of extra head room over the saloon. Available to order from today, prices start at £73,560. It’s also available in the same five trims as the Taycan saloon. Porsche says the newcomer is aimed at customers who want the “everyday practicality” of the Cross Turismo but don’t want to “miss out on the on-road performance” of the saloon. Sounds like the ideal combination. (Related: More power for facelifted Porsche Macan)


    The ‘entry-level’ Sport Turismo is rear-wheel drive and delivers 324bhp (240kW). Next up is the 4S (433bhp and 320kW) at £84,830, followed by the £104,990 GTS (515bhp/380kW), the £117,670 Turbo (623bhp/460kW), and finally the range-topping 751bhp Turbo S, which will set you back £140,080. (Related: Porsche Boxster 25 Years)

    First to launch is the dynamically focused GTS. This will arrive at the end of February, with the other models schedule to arrive mid-March.


    It’s the first time the GTS has been included in the Taycan range, and can now also be specified on the saloon model with prices starting at £104,190. With a maximum output of up to 590bhp in Launch Control mode, the Sport Turismo GTS will cover the 0-62mph sprint in 3.7secs, and carries on to a maximum of 155mph. Porsche also claims it can cover 312 miles on a full charge. (Related: Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid gets update)


    From a styling perspective, the GTS gets Porsche’s traditional lack exterior trim elements and Race-Tex interior upholstery. Porsche engineers have also given the adaptive air suspension a specific fine-tuning aimed at delivering a distinctive dynamic character.


    And though, of course there’s no exhaust system to upgrade, the GTS does have its own version of Porsche’s Electric Sport Sound, which can be heard under acceleration. (Related: Hardcore Porsche 911 GT3 gets 503bhp)

    "The introduction of the Sport Turismo as the third body variant adds an athletic and practical all-rounder to our electric sports car model range," Kevin Giek, Vice President Model Line Taycan, explained.


    "The balance and variety among the five Sport Turismo models is something I find particularly appealing: the range features everything from an incredibly agile rear-wheel drive car to the extremely powerful Turbo S."

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