VW ID.4 unwrapped in China 18 | 06 | 2020

    THIS IS VOLKSWAGEN’S all-new ID.4 electric crossover, as revealed in images leaked online. The photographs of a production version were originally filed with the Chinese Government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. (Related: VW reveals 341-mile range ID.3)

    The images formed a core constituent part of documents all firms must submit to gain type approval for models in China.

    It’s also fair to interpret that given the quality of the images, and the volume, they were also originally intended for marketing and promotional use.

    Worth mentioning that China will be one of the most important markets for the ID.4. In Europe, the ID.4 will go on-sale alongside the ID.3 hatchback next year. (Related: VW unveils portable EV charging station)


    So, what can we interpret from the images of the ID.4, which we know will use an electric motor rated at 150kW, that’s equivalent to 201bhp. VW has previously confirmed a maximum range 311 miles for the all-electric crossover.

    Not surprisingly there’s a strong family resemblance to the ID.3 hatchback. The design also closely mirrors that of the ID.Crozz concept from 2017. Similar in size to the VW Tiguan — the ID.4, as detailed in the Chinese documents, is 4592mm long, 1852mm wide and 1629mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2765mm — the electric crossover has a much smaller and lower greenhouse. (Related: VW e-up! prices and spec)


    We can also see from the images that the ID.4 has wraparound front and rear lights, as well as a pronounced shoulder line, roof and pillars in a contrasting darker colour to that of the body. The slim LED headlights are connected by a lightbar at the front-end; this feature will become a familiar design treatment used across VW’s range of future ID. models. There are also what appears to be Tesla-style recessed door handles. (Related: 2020 VW Golf prices and trims)


    The front of the ID.4 has been squared off, as if to give the crossover a bulkier, stronger presence. There’s even a grille, of sorts, plus air intakes, despite the fact there will be no engine onboard. The aesthetic result, of course, delivers a look which is much more conventional than some rival EVs, while at the same time addresses the cooling requirements for the batteries.

    Interestingly, the shot from the rear highlights how much narrower the shoulder room is in the cabin, compared to the sloping door sills. We should though expect there will be significant storage space within the door panels. (Related: VW teases all-new Arteon Estate)


    It’s also worth highlighting the lower plastic panels on the door sides which help give the ID.4 a strong crossover/SUV look, despite the fact the model pictured sits on tyres which are clearly not intended for even moderate offloading.

    Initially the ID.4 will be sold with a single electric motor and rear-wheel drive; a more powerful twin-motor four-wheel drive layout — which will include a front-mounted motor developing an additional 101bhp, raising the total to 302bhp — will follow within the first 12 months of sales. (Related: VW reveals T-Roc Black Edition)


    As for recharging, the ID.4 will offer fast-charging allowing its battery to be charged to an 80% state of charge within 30mins on a 125-150kW system.

    Along with its sister ID.3 hatchback, the ID.4 is part of Volkswagen’s global plans to become completely carbon-neutral by 2050.

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    Jim McGill

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