Scots start for Monte Historique Rally 30 | 01 | 2020

    IN TYPICALLY WET Glasgow winter weather, a historic Mini from the Sixties led off a massive field of classic cars at the UK start of the Monte Carlo Historique Rally. (Related: Hopkirk's Mini leads Scots Monte start)

    Fifty-three years after its success in the 1967 Monte Carlo Rally, the actual Mini driven by rally legend Paddy Hopkirk was first off the ramp at the start of the Historique event in Glasgow’s George Square.

    The car, with its classic LBL 666D registration plate, has been restored back to its original BMC Competition Department specification by Hamilton-based enthusiast Mike Hyrons. He took it to Monte Carlo on the Historique event in 2017, half a century after it finished sixth overall in Hopkirk’s hands.


    At last night’s start it was driven by Mike’s co-driver then, Pat Haley, with Mike’s son Christopher, a former junior footballer with Aberdeen, sitting alongside.

    A total of 80 cars had gathered in George Square over the afternoon. 13 of them  will be doing the whole epic 1300-mile drive trip to the south of France, while the rest are taking part in a series of Heritage runs around Scotland.


    The city is the only British start point of seven European cities including Athens, Milan and Barcelona. In recent years, Paisley and Clydebank have also featured as the only UK start locations but it’s the third time Glasgow has taken on the role.

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