Ferrari unveils new 488 Challenge Evo 30 | 10 | 2019

    FERRARI HAS UNVEILED an updated version of the 488 Challenge, with a range of aerodynamic and chassis upgrades. The new 488 Challenge Evo, shown for the first time at the Mugello Circuit in Italy, has been designed for use in the Italian brand’s own one-make racing series. (Related: Ferrari reveals SF90 Stradale hybrid)

    Introducing a complete redesign of the 488 Challenge’s front end, the 488 Challenge Evo benefits from reprofiled radiator grilles, a new splitter, reworked canards and a U-shaped air intake which feeds air to the racer’s brakes. According to Ferrari, these all combine to generate a 30% increase in aerodynamic efficiency over the current 488 Challenge.

    The designers and aero team have also reworked the car’s flanks, in addition to adding a new small spoiler under the car’s wing mirrors. The latter has been designed to channel air towards the car’s intercooler intakes. The rear of the car gets a new bumper, with vents behind the wheel arches and engine bay. Ferrari says these work to extract turbulent air from under the vehicle and increases downforce. (Related: Exclusive interview with F1 boss Ross Brawn)


    There’s also a reworked rear diffuser, a fresh pair of rear canards and — most noticeably — a new rear spoiler. Ferrari’s aerodynamicists claim the package of improvements generate a claimed 50% increase in downforce over the 488 Challenge EVO’s predecessor.

    There are also a host of technical revisions in the new 488 Challenge Evo. In addition to a set of wider 19in alloys wrapped in stickier Pirelli rubber, there’s also a four-channel selectable anti-lock braking system, a revised traction control system, and an uprated electronic differential. (Related: Ferrari's one-off P80/C track car)


    The interior, with its decidedly racing character, features a conceptually different kind of steering wheel, developed from the experience gained with the FXX-K Evo and the 488 GTE, which triumphed at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this year.

    The steering wheel, with integrated paddle shift, significantly improves ergonomics so the driver can always keep their hands in an ideal position, bringing advantages in terms of visibility and control of the car’s systems. There’s also a new ABS management strategy incorporated in the manettino. The driver can select four different modes, two dry and two wet, which implement a strategy focused on performance or stability.


    A new rear camera derived from the 488 GTE has been introduced in response to feedback from the participants in the championship's various series (Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, along with last year's addition of a new UK national series). This considerably improves rear visibility.

    The new components and improvements introduced with the 488 Challenge Evo are also available as upgrade kits for existing cars.

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