Franchitti tips Di Restaposted in F116 | 11 | 2012

    BATHGATE'S DARIO FRANCHITTI believes fellow Scot Paul di Resta has everything required to win the Formula One World Championship, except the right car.

    Franchitti, the triple Indy500 winner and four-times IndyCar champ, was speaking at the new Circuit of the Americas track in Texas which will host Sunday's F1 US Grand Prix.

    "If you give Paul (pictured in action in the US) a car capable of performing at the front, he will win races and ultimately the world championship," Franchitti said.

    "I think Paul has done a really fantastic job this season, and his Force India team have also done a very good job.."

    And Franchitti is in no doubt the reason his cousin was overlooked by McLaren and Ferrari for a prime seat next season had nothing to do with any perceived lack of talent.

    "I think money talked in a couple of those deals," he said, clearly referring to Sergio Perez's move to McLaren, and Ferrari's decision to retain Felipe Massa.

    "I definitely think Paul has been unfortunate not to get one of the bigger drivers for 2013. I think there were a couple of the drives he'd have been absolutely perfect for.

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    "People in the paddock know exactly what he's capable of in any F1 car, but as we all know, there are times when money talks more than pure talent."

    And Franchitti, who also bumped into Sir Jackie Stewart's son Paul, admitted he was enjoying his trip to the impressive new track in Austin.

    "It's a little bit of a busman's holiday this weekend," he laughed. "I came down to see how Paul's doing and catch up with some friends at the same time: I think there's half of Scotland in the paddock.

    "The track looks amazing. Coming in, the first thing I saw was that dramatic steep run in to Turn 1: it looks phenomenal.

    Di Resta eyeing points in US GP

    If you get a head wind, the braking distance into Turn 1 would be just unbelievably short. It looks pretty challenging."

    And he was happy to give his views on the F1 championship battle between Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel, and the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso.

    "As far as the championship's concerned, I think Vettel has done a great job," he explained. "Obviously they got something to just click halfway through the season, and he just started doing what he did last season.

    "I think Alonso's really punched above his weight with the Ferrari he has driven this year.

    "The championship? I think Vettel's the man again. Once he gets on one of those rolls, he's tough to beat."

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