Heat is on for speed record13 | 08 | 2011

    SPEED SCOTLAND, the Lesmahagow-based team under the watchful eye of boss Derek Palmer, is back at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this week to have another crack at the 1000cc World Land Speed Record. Driver Rick Pearson gives us his latest update from the searing heat on the salt flats:

    Dateline — Friday, August 12:

    "Returning to the Bonneville Speedway after 51 weeks away, you are once again struck by the size and silence of this amazing location. Yet our luck, which was so bad last year, doesn't seem to have improved.

    "Each year the 'Getting to Bonneville' stories are part of the legend and this year was no different. Our California crew had an RV that couldn't pull the race trailer uphill without overheating, yet the push truck didn't have the brakes to control the trailer downhill … hence the trailer needed to be swapped over on several occasions as they passed through the mountains!

    "Our engines came up from Texas in a pickup truck that was struggling until our engine guy decided that his motto 'There is nothing in this world that cannot be cured by more BOOST' should be put into play and a swift pitstop later (and an extra 150bhp) the journey was then trouble free … albeit 1800 miles!

    Speed Scotland ready for record bid

    "Meanwhile half of our crew were being held hostage by American airlines in Chicago and arrived on the Salt at 6pm; only 18 hours later than scheduled. "This meant today's planned engine installation is about three hours behind schedule and will need to be finished in the morning before we do the tech inspection.

    "But tonight we all got the head down to the Hot Rod show outside the Golden Nugget Casino once the Salt had closed for the night and relaxed "En equipe". So day ended chilled and we still hope to make our first pass tomorrow as we intended.

    "The weather on the Salt was 'dang hot today and we're all a bit frazzled with the jet lag, but can't wait to get racing!"

    Rick Pearson

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