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    BlueEfficiency ensures E-class competes with the best and remains a 'proper' Merc


    It maybe an age thing, but I’ve started to really enjoy a touch of luxury when I get behind the wheel. Only a few years ago I would get excited at the thought of a sleek, racy model – of the automotive variety – and would long to get out on to the open road to see what it could do. Now though, the thought of harsh suspension, heavy steering and low slung seats seem like too much hard work. 

    So I was delighted to take delivery of the latest E-Class saloon from Mercedes and especially pleased to find it was the BlueEfficiency diesel version which promised great economy alongside relaxing comfort, and maybe even a touch of luxury. The new E-Class style has been subtly refined and updated to give it a much more modern look and feel, while retaining the status of the Mercedes name.

    The new E-Class style has been subtly refined and updated

    On the road

    The test car, I was disappointed to find, had a manual gearbox, not because of laziness on my part, but because the Merc automatics are among the best available, silky smooth and very receptive. That apart, the car is nicely put together and while the dials, displays and controls are all straight out of the Merc catalogue, they do the job very well and if it ain’t broke, there’s certainly no point in trying to fix it. The manual change was in fact very good and the ratios and torque of the diesel power unit meant that around town there was little need for numerous runs up and down the box. On the open road, fifth and sixth were needed only for the long sections where the car got the chance to stretch its legs.

    Comfort & Safety

    Yes, it is comfortable and like every other Merc, safety is a priority. The test car, which was in the Avantgarde finish, came with a very fine set of black leather seats and loads of toys to play with, most of which was standard for the almost £33,000 price tag. That included a Bluetooth set up which I found to be one of the easiest I’ve found to link to my mobile phone. I like the fact that the E-Class is one of the remaining models in the Merc range which still has the three-pointed star on the bonnet. If I owned a Merc I’d demand that I could be reminded of the fact all the time.

    Should I buy one?

    If you want a “proper” Merc, with a star on the bonnet and a good level of comfort, and you’ve got the cash, you should go for it.

    Alan Douglas

    Quick Stats
    Price OTR/As Tested £32,725 / £34,550
    Engine / Power: 2143cc / 204bhp
    How fast?: 0-62 mph 7.7secs, Max 149mph
    How big/heavy?: H1470mm  W1854mm  L4868mm / 1735kg
    How thirsty/CO2?: Combined 53.3mpg / CO2 144g/km
    InsGP/Road tax: 38E / Band F, £125
    Alternatives: BMW 5 Series; Audi A6; Jaguar XF

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