Lamborghini unveils Huracan Tecnica 12 | 04 | 2022

    WITH LAMBORGHINI’S PLANNED move towards its well documented electrified future, the Italian supercar maker’s latest offering defaults primarily to an old-school existence. The new Huracan Tecnica is, according to Lamborghini, focused on delivering “driving fun and lifestyle perfection on the road and track” … and essentially splits the Evo and STO in the Huracan range line-up. (Related: Lamborghini confirms all-new Countach)

    Powered by the Huracan STO’s 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 engine, producing 631bhp at 8000rpm and producing 565Nm of torque, it delivers a claimed 0-62mph time in 3.2 seconds. It’ll also carry on to a max of 202mph. Expected to be priced from around £215,000, the Tecnica is on sale and available to order now. First customers should take delivery of their new models at the end of 2022. (Related: Mitchell fired-up for British GT return)

    Riding on 20-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels which feature a hexagonal design and are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres, overall the car is around 6cm longer than the Huracan Evo. And if you think the Tecnica looks in profile resemble that of the Essenza SCV12 track-only hyper car, you’d be right. Lamborghini designers acknowledge they used that to inspire the profile of the Tecnica. It can be seen especially in the new car’s window line.


    Inside the new cabin standard fit includes height-adjustable sports seats. The Huracan’s central touchscreen display, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, plus Amazon Alexa compatibility, remains. There’s also a lightweight door design option, as well as racing harnesses. (Related: Mitchell battles back to bag Euro GT points)

    Further, more simplified graphics have been used, featuring fewer colours for the car’s digital dash, in order to deliver more usability both when cruising on the road and at high speed on track.


    The Tecnica receives new Alcantara upholstery, and buyers have a range of customised interior trim choices, including different stitching colours and designs, as well as the Tecnica emblem embroidered on the car’s seats.

    And while there are eight standard exterior colour choices, as part of the brand’s Ad Personam personalisation programme, there are more than 200 additional paint choices available.


    Lamborghini boffins have stacked the Tecnica with plenty of technology under what is a new, dramatically styled body, using elements from the range-topping Huracan STO. Top of the tech list is a recalibrated Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI) driving mode set-up aimed primarily at establishing a balance between usability on the road and performance on track. (Related: Mitchell commits to 2022 British GT Championship)


    As is already the case with other Huracan models, the Tecnica driver can choose from three modes, Strada, Sport and Corsa. But in the newcomer, those modes have each been re-tuned specifically for the Tecnica to work in conjunction with the new model’s chassis and aerodynamic updates. (Related: Scot Sandy Mitchell wins 2020 British GT Championship)

    It also benefits from a rear-axle steering set-up and specifically tuned suspension damper profiles. In addition there’s new brake cooling, while the revised styling generates more downforce.


    The Tecnica also boasts a whopping 35% improvement in rear downforce compared with the Huracan Evo RWD thanks to a new fixed rear wing. Drag has also been reduced by 20% due to the car’s new styling. The combination, according to Lamborghini, improves aerodynamic balance and stability in corners and under braking.

    The car’s rear-wheel steering and torque vectoring are also managed by the LDVI system, as is a modified Performance Traction Control System (P-TCS) and the different damper modes specific to the Tecnica. (Related: Mitchell impresses on Daytona 24H debut)


    And to ensure the newcomer is more comfortable in everyday driving, Lamborghini has retuned the parameters of the throttle response and the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox’s shift profile, in Strada (street) mode.

    But don’t think this is a neutered bull. Far from it. Lamborghini says when Sport mode is selected, “maximum driving fun comes from the rear-wheel steering’s enhanced oversteer and the enhanced slip threshold of the P-TCS, while torque vectoring ensures the Tecnica’s agility and responsiveness.” The engine and transmission responses have also been sharpened up.


    Shift the Tecninca into full Corsa (race) mode and things ramp up even more strongly, with the throttle response becoming even more sharper and the shift times hitting their quickest marks. As if that wasn’t enough, the torque vectoring and P-TCS systems become more aggressive and less restrictive respectively.

    And when it comes to stopping the new Lamborghini, updated brake cooling for the Huracan’s carbon-ceramic brake set-up are at their best when put to the test on-track. Specifically designed cooling ducts channel air on to the calipers to better regulate brake temperatures and improve the consistency of braking performance by helping reduce fade.


    Look closely at the front of the Tecninca and you’ll see that the ducts form part of the new design. Lamborghini says the front bumper is inspired by the Italian company’s Terzo Millenio model  integrating the Huracan Evo’s blades at the extremes of the lower bumper with a black Y-shaped insert next to each headlight. These in turn incorporate an air curtain for the first time on any Huracan model.


    At the front there’s also a new splitter, while at the rear Lamborghini’s trademark hexagon motif is again visible with a pair of prominent hexagonal tail-pipes protruding through mesh comprising the same hexagonal design.

    To improve rear visibility there’s new vertical glass rear window, while the engine cover is made from carbonfibre. At the rear there’s also a new rear diffuser element, which is finished in either body colour or black as an option.

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