Alfa Guilia GTA prices and liveries 30 | 04 | 2020

    ALFA ROMEO’S STUNNING new Giulia GTA performance flagship will start at around £153,300 for the standard car, rising to £157,700 for the stripped-out GTAm variant. Order books are open now. The price confirmation comes as Alfa also revealed a series of bespoke liveries inspired by the brand's motorsport heritage. (Related: Fiat 500 and Panda get mild hybrids)

    The re-introduction of the GTA badge into the Italian firm’s line-up  is a car created to celebrate Alfa’s 110th anniversary.

    It’s also the most powerful road car Alfa Romeo has ever built, and most expensive. The Giulia GTA is powered by a 2.9-litre bi-turbo V6 lifted from the Quadrifoglio, but with output increased from 503bhp to 533bhp. Adding extra bark is a new exhaust system from specialist Akrapovic.


    Alfa has yet to confirm performance figures, but it’s fair to expect they will exceed those of the Quadrifoglio; that means beating the current benchmarks of 0-62mph in 3.9sec and a top speed of 191mph. (Related: Fiat refreshes its 500X range)

    Performance will also be further enhanced by the fact the GTA is 100kg lighter than the Quadrifoglio, thanks to carbonfibre being used for the front bumper, bonnet, roof panel, front wheel arches, rear arch inserts and driveshaft. Elsewhere on the car, aluminium and composite materials have been used to further reduce kerb weight.


    The GTA’s liveries have been inspired by the original Alfa GTA's best-known motorsport victories, and have been brought up-to-date by firm's Centro Stile design division. The yellow and red paint scheme (above) celebrates the 1971 European Touring Car Championship-winning car. Standard colours, including Trophy White, Montreal Green and GTA Red, are also available.


    Just 500 GTA and GTAm-badged cars will be built; and each will offer raft of mechanical and dynamic upgrades over the current Quadrifoglio range-topper.

    Boasting a bespoke suspension set-up and a 50mm-wider track at both the front and rear, Alfa claims the GTA actually corners better than the Quadrifoglio.


    The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the GTA boasts noticeable visual differences from the Quadrifoglio. The newcomer gets a carbonfibre rear diffuser and a rear wing, plus an F1-inspired active aero package comprising a larger front splitter.


    And if the ‘standard’ Giulia GTA isn’t fast enough for you, there’s always the hardcore track-focused version. The stripped-out GTAm loses its rear seats, being replaced with a roll bar.

    Still completely road-legal, its front seats are ditched in preference to ‘race-spec’ items complete with carbonfibre bases and six-point harnesses. There’s also a significantly larger spoiler and hits 62mph from standstill in 3.6secs.

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