Brawn: Silverstone Brit GP talks "stuck" 05 | 03 | 2019

    FORMULA 1 BOSS Ross Brawn, speaking in an exclusive interview with Scotcars' Jim McGill, has admitted discussions with Silverstone over the future of the British Grand Prix from 2020 have become “stuck”.

    The Northamptonshire circuit is in the final year of its F1 contract, leaving Britain with nothing in place for 2020. Asked whether he, and F1 owners Liberty Media, would like to see Silverstone on next season’s calendar, Brawn — managing director of motorsports and technical director for the Formula One Group — stressed they would,

    “We would,” he nodded, as he spoke at a private event ahead of him flying to the traditional season-opener in Australia. “We have a long history at Silverstone. But we’re struggling a bit with their rationale for why they should get the race for less money. We have any number of races around the world, and the fee varies depending on the history, the circumstances, and the location.

    “Silverstone’s logic as to why they want a reduction we don’t think is correct. We think they should maintain their fee close to what we’ve been receiving for a number of years now.


    “We believe they can make a viable commercial model out of what they’re paying now. But they want to reduce it. So we’re stuck. I do believe there will be a British Grand Prix in 2020; whether it’s at Silverstone or somewhere else. But at the moment there’s no certainty.

    “We want to have a race in the UK. It’s the home of Formula 1. If we don’t find the solution with Silverstone, we’ll make sure we find a solution somewhere else where we can continue with the British Grand Prix.”

    Asked where that alternative might be, Brawn was diplomatic.

    “It’s too early to say yet. Well, it’s not too early to say; I don’t want to say,” he smiled. “But it will be an appropriate place to host a British Grand Prix.”


    Would he like to see a city grand prix in the UK?

    “I think as well as, yes,” Brawn stated. “I think a British Grand Prix has historically been based on a circuit and track. But I think there is also actually room for a city-based grand prix; you could imagine a London Grand Prix. That would be sensational.

    “But I don’t think we’d see that as fitting as a direct replacement for the British Grand Prix.”

    And pushed on how far discussions and negotiations had developed with interested cities, the F1 boss admitted finding a solution was “challenging”.

    “Talks have been going on for quite a while,” he continued, “ but it’s a challenge, as you could imagine. We need access to where the race is going to be; we need to put all the facilities in; it’s a pretty massive logistical exercise. So doing something in London is pretty challenging.”

    Ross Brawn was speaking exclusively to Jim McGill as part of his charitable support for ‘Help for Hospitals in Uganda’.

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