Lambo shows 221mph Veneno 05 | 03 | 2013

    LAMBORGHINI CELEBRATED ITS 50th anniversary at the Geneva Motor Show with its new 740bhp, 221mph road-going racer based on the Aventador: the Lamborghini Veneno (see more official photos of the new Lamborghini).

    The Italian supercar builder will only create three of the models, and all have already been sold for €3 million each, plus taxes (around £3.12 million).

    The model unveiled at Geneva, by company president and CEO Stefan Winkelmann, is a Lamborghini prototype which the company will continue to test on both the road and track.

    Lamborghini's “street-legal racing car”, as it calls the Veneno, is fundamentally based on the Aventador, though there are several key changes.

    Lamborghini's new Aventador Roadster

    The Veneno's body, like the monocoque chassis, is built entirely from carbonfibre-reinforced polymer, while the bodywork is optimised for aerodynamic efficiency. It creates downforce, reducing drag and cooling the 6.5-litre V12, which has had a 50bhp hike from its 690bhp state of tune in the Aventador.

    As on sports prototype racers, the front wings are separated from the body and the front end essentially works as one large aerodynamic wing.

    The large flared wheel arches house 20in alloys at the front and 21in alloys at the rear.

    The Veneno also gets an all-wheel drive system, seven-speed automated manual gearbox and a pushrod suspension are all adapted from the Aventador.

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