Ferrari unveils F150posted in F128 | 01 | 2011

    FERRARI UNVEILED its 2011 grand prix racer — the new F150 — at the team's Maranello headquarters today, and president Luca di Montezemolo immediately stated his team have to win the world championship after last year's title heartbreak.

    "This year we have to win and we will do our best to win," di Montezemolo said after whipping back the protective covers from the aggressive-looking Ferrari. "We have updated the team, we have made some improvements and we are awaiting the challenges against our first opponents."

    The new Ferrari boasts a high nose, revised suspension layout and more heavily sculpted sidepods. The Italian team has also decided not to incorporate the Red Bull Racing-type pull rod suspension at the rear. But team principal Stefano Domenicali emphasised the car will have major tweaks — as a result of development work in the wind tunnel — added before the season gets underway on March 13.

    "The car you will see in the first race in Bahrain will be completely different from the one we use in the first tests in Valencia next week," Domenicali said. "Our target for Valencia will be driving many kilometres, for reliability and understanding how the new tyres behave and work. We know this year Pirelli is supplying new tyres. This is a difficult challenge but I am confident Pirelli will do the best to be competitive.

    "I can promise that we really want to be successful. We are really motivated - even more strongly than in the past and the shout we still had in our throats in Abu Dhabi will be liberated and we will do better.

    "The F150 was created with a very simple aim; and it is so simple I don't want to say it. We only have to achieve it.

    "We are starting from a season where we had difficult moments, but we also experienced some beautiful moments. We want to work on and build from these beautiful moments. Our team is motivated and has been renewed, and that is in the logic of continuous improvement."

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